HAWS is a critical tool that allows you to contribute to your business and profession in a massive way. To quote the Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics Oct 2016, “The emphasis on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) outcomes is increasing.” With HAWS you get to show your how your patients, and or clients’  health concerns are impacting their life with initial assessments and how you make a difference by comparing initial to follow-up assessments. HAWS allows you to compare assessments for individuals as well as infinite initial to follow-up assessments for group analyses. All data is stored in the HIPAA compliant database. With HAWS, you can download, do analysis and contribute to enormous research efforts showing your impact of on the HRQOL of your patients.

Why trust HAWS?

HAWS is owned and operated by doctors who have employed HAWS in their own practice for the last 15 years. Both are peer-reviewers for research journals,  and are published authors indexed in PubMed. They currently are involved in several projects and research endeavors with several prestigious institutions such as Emory University and several other universites.

How do you get involved?

HAWS is a convenient and efficient way of recording documentation online for your office. HAWS makes it easier to do what you are already doing and if you are not documenting in your office, then now is the perfect time to start. What’s more is that HAWS is extremely affordable. Your investment includes a one-time $100 sign-up and a recurring $40 per month membership.

Get on board