if (!empty($_POST)) {
//this portion should strip-out the card number, exp date, cvv and zip
// Decide if you want to use a swipe card reader on the page
$use_card_reader = false;

// Define the secret ticket_hash_key used for hashing the variables
$ticket_hash_key = ‘1510f8215acf6ee37dfd3a81′;

// Define variables for generating the required hash
$location_id = ’11e6f52759e82a34a04698b4’;
$timestamp = time();
$order_id = mt_rand();

// Generate the secure hash, making sure the variables
// are in the proper sequence.
$data = $location_id . $timestamp . $order_id;
$key = hash_hmac(‘sha256’, $data, $ticket_hash_key);


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